All Things Pork At JoJo’s

All Things Pork At JoJo’s

SucculenT down to the very bone, you’ll feel like Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone. Finger-licking greatness topped with bright smiles. This was the atmosphere last Wednesday night, when the popular Waterloo Road eatery, JoJo’s Jerk Pit and More, dished out its newest menu items of all things pork. And there was so much pork to savour.

Owner and proprietor Anna Chin cited the recently held Copperwood’s, Making the Cut, seminar as an inspiration to head into the kitchen and whip up some new offerings. After tinkering with a few recipes, the idea of a special ‘Pork Night’ was born, and JoJo’s has now officially kicked off their weekly pork bonanza.




As the specially invited guests enjoyed the outdoor ambience, dining under the stars, Chin told Food, “Copperwood is our only source of pork, as it is simply the best.”

Every Wednesday, JoJo’s Jerk Pit and More will have ribs as their staple, with a focus on the big boy ribs. “Big boy ribs are a specialty cut offered by Copperwood Pork. Cut from mature sows, the ribs are way larger than traditional spare or baby back ribs – perfect for those who love getting their hands messy while satisfying their appetites,” Chin said. Spare Ribs will be on offer for 25 per cent off on this night only, for a limited time.

Other pork treats featured for the night also included Asian pork belly with pickled vegetables on an artisanal pretzel bun as well as served with potato wedges and their signature poutine with jerked pork. Wednesday special pork soup, jerked pork and pork chops are also up for grabs, and there will be an additional ‘one-time only’ special feature pork menu item weekly eagerly waiting to enchant your palate. So pork lovers, you are in for a real treat! Make that date next Wednesday at JoJo’s and don’t be late.

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