Copperwood Adds New Sausage Line

Copperwood Adds New Sausage Line

Copperwood Pork has added a new line of sausage that is packaged with seasonings supplied by Spur Tree Spices, and is now a supplier of pork to Island Grill, initiatives that the company expects will grow revenue by a projected $25 million.

The company has added a line of sausages under the Copperwood brand – Bacon Jerk, and Smoked – while Island Grill has added a pulled pork wrap to its menu offerings.

Pulled pork is a method of cooking where the meat becomes tender enough so that it can be pulled, or easily broken into individual pieces. Island Grill uses the product in its new Spicy Mango Pork Rolla, a burrito wrap with rice and peas, vegetables and a spicy mango sauce made by Pickapeppa, another spice manufacturing company.

Island Grill CEO Thalia Lyn said the eatery added the wrap on the demand of customers who have been “clamouring” for pork products. The arrangement extends Island Grill’s business dealings with poultry producer Caribbean Broilers Group, Copperwood’s parent, which Lyn said already provides 95 per cent of Island Grill’s chicken supplies.

Roughly five per cent of Copperwood’s pork production will feed the new product lines, said corporate affairs manager of the CB Group, Dr Keith Amiel.

He said Copperwood slaughters more than 500 pigs weekly with the majority of its production sold into the hotel and retail trades.

“We can at will up the amount of breeding stock to produce more pigs in response to demand,” he said of Copperwood’s ability to keep pace with demand for the new products.

Copperwood is already a producer of sausages under the Bad Dawg and Caribbean Passion brands.

Chief executive officer of Spur Tree, Albert Bailey, said both companies have a long-standing relationship, with Spur Tree providing the seasonings for some Copperwood products.