Ribbed & Ready to Go!

Ribbed & Ready to Go!

It’s t-minus 4 days til’ Super Bowl Sunday! This spectacular sport has drawn crowds not only to friends’ houses to enjoy tasty food and drinks, but also out and about to the various sports bars to lyme with strangers and make memories and new friends- all while waiting for that exciting touchdown. Jamaicans have gotten in on that action too and we are here to tell you: ribs are IN! Copperwood Ribs that is. They are the perfect pairing to any Super Bowl party or outing. You can crack open a cold beer, sip on a sweet drink and cheer for your favourite team over a rack of succulent, delicious goodness.

Copperwood Pork invited a group of food bloggers to conduct a restaurant-hopping activity they called ‘The Copperwood Blitz Mobile’ in conjunction with their Game Time promotion to celebrate Super Bowl. There, the bloggers got the opportunity to sample succulent ribs from three of the hottest night spots around town. They had a grand time sampling the ribs and, of course, sharing in the whole experience as they went from place to place taking in the excitement and atmosphere as the Kingston scene pulsated even harder in anticipation of the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday.

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The Desk also hopped aboard the Copperwood Blitz Mobile and chatted with the bloggers who were quite enthusiastic about the experience and of course, raved about the ribs:

FIRST STOP – A Bar Restaurant and Lounge

Spicy Orange Glazed Pork Ribs

– The Food Herald

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“Thanks to Copperwood Pork’s quality production, we were pleased to enjoy spare ribs with the meat falling off the bone. Our chef for the evening, Jhanelle, tenderly marinated the rib cuts with subtle peppers, spices and herbs that were evident in each bite. The orange glaze, which was spooned onto the plate, certainly added flair and finesse to the dish and was far from the usual jerk or stewed pork options we’re used to. It was a good attempt by the chef to bring us from a realm of unimpressive dining experiences to an out-of-the-box adventure. Our only complaint was that we didn’t have time for another serving.”

– Where’s The Food Jo? (WTF Jo?)

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“The Chef wasn’t lying about the name, SPICY Orange Glazed Ribs. The meat was very succulent and tender and fell right off the bones.”

– Recollections of a Foodie

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“Not a bad start to an evening where unctuous pork goodness was the order of the night. Chef Jhanelle’s ribs didn’t require much effort to transition from bone to mouth, and the spices were well-balanced. The orange glaze added a cool complement to the lingering zing of cayenne, which permeated the meat bone-deep.”

SECOND STOP – Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records

BBQ Pork Ribs served with Garlic Parmesan Fries and Coleslaw

– The Food Herald

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“At the UBTR stop on our quest for mouth-watering ribs, we spent some one-on-one time with a half-rack of succulent, traditional style BBQ Pork Ribs served with Garlic Parmesan Fries and Coleslaw. Let’s just say we were pleasantly surprised at this flavour-packed dish that brought all our senses to life as we really got to know our pork. The sweet and savoury blend of spices in the BBQ sauce (made from scratch) coupled with the tender, fall-off-the-bone texture of the delicious pork ribs had us more excited with every bite. It was like a ‘pork-olution’ for our taste buds. Needless to say, we did our worst and filled our tummies with no room to ‘spare’, ready to take on the next challenge.”

– Where’s The Food Jo? (WTF Jo)

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“The half rack of Barbecue Spare Ribs was absolutely delicious! There was consistency in the tenderness of the meat and overall flavour. The serving was enough for us to enjoy and take away to have another time. This was my favourite meal of the night.”

– Recollections of a Foodie

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“A quick ride in the blinged-out mobile landed us minutes later at the world-famous Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records. We were greeted by Chef Ranji who presented a corpulent half rack of his Barbecue Ribs. We couldn’t stop eating. This was good stuff. These ribs were sufficiently lacquered with sweet and tantalizing barbecue sauce, which seemed to be at least 3 bastings deep. *loosens belt* ”

THE FINALE! – Triple Century Sports Bar

BBQ Heineken Ribs

-The Food Herald

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“Our final stop, Triple Century Sports Bar, was exactly what a finale should be like! This was definitely the icing on the cake. We were served one of Triple Century’s best sellers, BBQ Heineken Ribs, and we could definitely see why this dish is a crowd favourite. Quality Copperwood Pork, smothered in a smooth, smoky rich barbecue sauce served with creamy mashed potatoes and coleslaw that surely surpasses expectations. Our taste buds were in heaven! We were also very impressed with the consistently high quality of the texture and marbling of the pork and could tell that our meat was fresh every single time. Copperwood Pork…we salute you!”

-Where’s The Food Jo? (WTF Jo?)

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“This dish was the best where presentation was concerned. Cool idea for the recipe and there was consistency in the tenderness of the meat here as well.”

– Recollections of a Foodie

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“Round three was fast-approaching and I wasn’t sure I could eat another morsel. But I had to. And I’m glad I did. For the final contender was clearly intended to so be. Triple Century provided something phenomenal and bold. Bold in flavour and presentation! I chatted with Chef Alex-The- Great for as long as I could, while hoping that the babble would give my stomach enough time to be ready again. It didn’t help. But the sight and smell of this dish had to be tested and tried. A quick taste confirmed the piquant smell of Worcestershire sauce (say “woos-tuh- sheer” – thank me later). Worcestershire is like soy sauce’s more daring older brother, giving the ribs a deep, zingy, more complex flavor and a similar salty snap. The texture of these ribs was just right: not too falling apart that it dissipates in your mouth, but not chewy and arid either at all; which made for a delectable mouthfeel!”

With Super Bowl 2017 fast approaching, take our Bloggers’ advice and head on out and enjoy some succulent Copperwood Pork Ribs. Get in on the Game Time action with Copperwood on Sunday, February 5!

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