Copperwood’s Making The Cut Returns To Kingston

Copperwood’s Making The Cut Returns To Kingston

Copperwood’s pork-centric ‘Making the Cut’ seminar will return to Kingston for its third staging next week.

Borne out of Copperwood’s ‘Know Your Pork’ campaign, Making the Cut targets industry professionals and enthusiasts to engage and educate on pork essentials, such as unique cuts and creative and innovative ways of preparing pork dishes. Making the Cut will also seek to disprove some popular myths about “the other white meat”.

Tina Hamilton, brand manager of CB Foods, said the seminar has been a well-received staple in the pork industry since its first staging in February last year, especially with the many misconceptions associated with the product.

“We are really looking forward to this staging as there have been a lot of conversations about pork lately and the guests are also very excited about the presenters who will be coming and the various cuts and recipes that will be demonstrated,” Hamilton said.

Dr Dean Pringle, animal science professor at the University of Georgia, will be one of two international guest presenters at Copperwood’s ‘Making the Cut’ seminar next week.

Pringle has spent a great deal of time at the University of Georgia studying pork meat quality, including fresh and processed pork products. In doing so, Pringle has become an expert on the various cuts of pork and factors that influence the composition of pork in an effort to improve lean yield while maintaining a high level of eating satisfaction.

“We are excited for the opportunity to learn from Dr Pringle and we know he has a lot to share. Making the Cut was created to share special insights with individuals within the retail and food-service industries by bringing together local and international resources to meet, advise and inspire possible changes in the way that we present and prepare pork, and that is what Dr Pringle, along with Chef (Charlie) McKenna, will do,” Hamilton said.

Pringle will join McKenna, returning guest chef and owner of Chicago-based restaurant, Lillie’s Q.

McKenna was a hit at the second staging of the event, where he had guests racing to sample his roasted pig head.

“We just had to bring back Chef McKenna as he was such a welcomed adviser at the last Making the Cut. Everyone who attended was very intrigued by his demonstrations and we all learned a lot from him. We know he has even more to share and are very excited that he is coming back,” Hamilton said.

McKenna has been recognised for the award-winning sauces he serves at Lillie’s Q.

Lillie’s Q Sauces & Rubs has become recognised on a national and international scale with distribution in more than 2,500 stores across the United States and in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Besides the classic flavours, some of the sauces include Smoky, Hot Smoky, Carolina, E.N.C., Ivory, Carolina Gold, Hot Mess and Hot Pepper Vinegar. Rooted in Southern tradition, McKenna’s brand continues to grow with multiple restaurant concepts, authentic products and exceptional hospitality.




– ‘Making the Cut’ is set for July 19th and 20th at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston.

– On July 19, the seminar will focus on trade with attendees, including supermarket and wholesale owners, meat room managers and purchasing officers.

– On July 20, the seminar’s focus will shift to food service.